anavar cycle for women

Combination drug, the therapeutic action is due to the pharmacological properties of the components included in its composition liquid bonavar exerts a reflex, soothing and antispasmodic effect, caused by irritation of predominantly receptors of the oral cavity and nasopharynx, reduction of reflex excitability in the central parts of the nervous system and strengthening of inhibitory processes in the neurons of the cortex and subcortical structures of the brain, as well as a decrease in activity of central and local centers sosudodvigatelngh direct antispasmodic effect on smooth muscle.Phenobarbital increases the sedative effect of other components of the drug, thereby reducing the excitation of the central nervous system and facilitates sleep onset. anavar cycle for women ® reduces excitatory influence vasomotor centers, coronary and peripheral vessels, reducing blood pressure, eliminating and preventing vasospasms, especially the heart. Levomenthol solution mentilizovalerate has a sedative effect, has moderate vasodilating action due to stimulation of the sensory nerve endings, slows motility -kishechnogo tract.


anavar cycle for women ® is used as symptomatic (sedative and vasodilator) tools for functional disorders of the cardiovascular system (including tachycardia), violation of sleep, neurosis-like states, accompanied by increased irritability, a state of excitement steroid anavar with marked autonomic manifestations. As an antispasmodic for intestinal cramps.


Hypersensitivity to any component of the formulation, severe hepatic and / or renal failure, alcoholism, head injury or brain disease, pregnancy, lactation, age 18 years (effectiveness and safety have been established).

Application of pregnancy and during breastfeeding

The drug is not prescribed to pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Children . Experience of the drug for the treatment of children there, so it is not used in pediatric practice.

Dosing and Administration

Is the inside, with a small amount (30-50 mL) of water or on a piece of sugar under the tongue. Doses set individually. 10-15 drops to receive 2-3 times a day for 20-30 minutes before meals. The duration of treatment determined by the doctor. After a break of 10-15 days of treatment may be repeated.

Side effect

Drowsiness, nausea, dizziness, watery eyes, slow heart rate, decreased concentration, skin rash, urticaria, pruritus. These phenomena are in dose reduction or withdrawal of the drug. Very rarely allergic reactions. Prolonged use may occur, depending on the drug and bromism.


Prolonged or frequent use may occur drug accumulation, which leads to clinical manifestations of overdose, namely: • central nervous system depression; . • nystagmus, ataxia, lower blood pressure chronic poisoning manifestations of bromine are: depression, apathy, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, hemorrhagic diathesis, impaired motor coordination. Continuous long-term use of the drug can be addictive, drug dependence, withdrawal syndrome and sudden discontinuation of – syndrome “cancel”. Long-term use of the drug is sometimes accompanied by increased activity of psychodynamic instead of the expected sedation. Treatment is symptomatic.

Interaction with other drugs

The simultaneous use of neuroleptics and tranquilizers potentiates and stimulants of the central nervous system – reduces the effect of each component of the drug. anavar cycle for women ® , containing in its composition barbituric acid enhances the action mestnoanesteziruyuschih, analgesics and hypnotics. Ethanol enhances the effects of the drug, and can increase its toxicity. The presence of anavar cycle for women ® phenobarbital can induce liver enzymes, and this makes undesirable its simultaneous use with drugs that are metabolized in the liver (from coumarin derivatives, griseofulvin, corticosteroids, oral contraceptives), as their efficiency anavar for women is reduced as a result of higher level metabolism. The drug increases the toxicity of methotrexate.

special instructions

Ability to influence the reaction rate when driving and other mechanisms of the product contains 62 vol.% Of ethanol and phenobarbital, which can cause loss of coordination and speed of psychomotor reactions, so while taking the drug should use caution to persons working with machinery, drivers of vehicles, and so on. P.

release Form

Drops for oral administration. 25 ml vials of dark glass, rubber stoppers, droppers and caps or screw-on closures, screw-on lids to control the first opening. Each vial with instruction on the medical application are placed in a pile of cardboard.

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